Episode 12 – Cutting College Costs — With Guest John Williams

You’ve spent your life saving for your child’s education, and now the time has come for those savings to be used.

In this episode of the Agent of Wealth Podcast, Marc Bautis sits down with college planning expert John Williams to discuss how you can get the most out of your college savings.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of applying for financial aid, even if you think you’re ineligible
  • Which financial-aid applications you should fill out based on your situation
  • Why attending a college that’s not on the water may actually save you money
  • Whether you can exclude assets from your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculation
  • Why you should remain realistic and upfront when planning for college
  • And more!

Tune in and learn easy tips for cutting college costs!

Resources:  Bautis Financial | College Board Financial Aid Calculator

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