About Us

Marc is a wealth manager and founder of Bautis Financial, an independent, fee-only financial planning firm dedicated to helping clients meet a variety of financial goals. In 2008 he founded Bautis Financial to provide a better experience for clients. His clients include individuals and families, small business owners, and retirees.

In 2012 Marc published The Retirement Fitness Challenge, a book based on a program he created for retirees and pre-retirees to tackle one of their most pressing needs: how to develop a predictable and sustainable income stream during retirement that they will not outlive. Marc is a frequent speaker on Social Security and other retirement topics

Marc’s Story
I always had a passion for investments, but I became a financial advisor because I wanted to help others achieve their goals. Being a Wealth Manager allows me to not only provide financial advice, but I get to teach and coach my clients.

As a teacher a big part of what I do is educating clients about all of their available options and the short and long-term effects of taking each of those options. In our discussions, I take the complex information I’ve learned through my own education and hands-on experience and present it to clients in a way they can understand and feel confident in making decisions

If a teacher’s job is to help their student understand a topic, a coach’s job is to motivate the student to use the information they’ve learned and use it to make the best financial decisions.

I have seen many try to plan and invest on their own, but unfortunately, finance is very complicated, even for professionals. It can be difficult to make the right decisions and is extremely time intensive and stressful.

What I provide to my clients goes beyond a service. We build relationships, and that’s what I love most about being a financial advisor. These relationships give me the opportunity to experience a little bit of the various roles I enjoy, letting me do everything I’ve always wanted to do by helping my clients achieve their dreams.

Meet Marc
I graduated with a degree in Mathematics from Seton Hall University and live in North Jersey with wife Katie, daughter Charlotte, sons Harrison and Wyatt, and old english bulldog Winnie. To unwind I enjoy running, swimming, as well as playing golf, tennis, and playing soccer with my kids.